6 Ways to Landscape for Privacy

January 9th, 2017  |  Published in Landscape Design

Would you spend more time enjoying your outdoor living space if you felt like you had a bit more privacy? Without the right landscape privacy features, close neighbors and nearby roads can all but ruin your outdoor environment.


Create a peaceful, quiet and private outdoor space with these tips from your Dallas fence repair company, Keane Landscaping.


Property-line plantings — Give yourself year-round privacy that doubles as landscaping with fast-growing evergreens or a sheared privet hedge planted along the property line. If you have more space, consider planting a mix of evergreen trees, shrubs and perennials to create a natural, layered look.


Trees — Obscure a neighbor’s view from a second-story window or terrace with deciduous shade trees, which generally grow between 25 and 60 feet high.  As an added bonus, trees can provide a canopy of shade, keeping your outdoor space cool in the summer heat.


Fences and walls — Create a privacy screen around your pool, spa, patio or playground with a 6-foot (or higher) solid board fence. (Be sure to check building codes and city or HOA ordinances). In a tight space, fences are more ideal for privacy since they have a smaller footprint than plantings. Fences can also complement the architectural style of your home. To add interest to a plain board fence, add an open lattice or baluster top to the fence.


Stone wall — Another option instead of a fence or in combination with wood fencing is to build a stone wall high enough to disrupt sight lines. To soften the appearance of a stone wall, keep the wall short (two to three feet) and top it with three to four feet of lattice or a picket fence.


Ironwork — While it doesn’t allow for complete privacy, ornamental ironwork screens can add an element of design with some privacy to your outdoor living space. You may also want to consider fitting ironwork windows into a wood or masonry wall of stone or stucco.


Fountains — If you live in a bustling neighborhood or near a busy street, a water feature can help mask noise from the neighbors, the buzzing of air conditioner compressors or traffic noise from nearby roads. Water features can be as simple or elaborate as you like, with the potential to provide a major focal point in your backyard.


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