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Dallas Landscape Lighting winter landscaping ideas

Winter Landscaping Ideas for Texans

November 29th, 2017  |  Published in Landscape Construction & Installation, Landscape Lighting, Landscape Tips

One of the best parts of living in Texas is our mild winter months. Because it’s not typically completely freezing out, Team Keane can continue working on landscapes year-round. This works out great for anyone interested in upgrading their landscape because we can start and complete larger projects before spring arrives. Your yard will be […]

outdoor kitchen outdoor dining 2018 landscaping trends

Top 2018 Landscaping Trends

November 29th, 2017  |  Published in Landscape Construction & Installation, Landscape Design, Landscape Tips

What’s popular in the landscaping industry varies from year to year and season to season, just like the fashion industry or the latest dining trend – think Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes and those rainbow bagels that blew up on Facebook this year. With that being said, we want to keep the Dallas-Fort Worth area up […]

dallas outdoor living

#MyOutdoorsIs – Transform Your Landscape into a Dallas Outdoor Living Paradise

April 20th, 2017  |  Published in Landscape Construction & Installation

The Most Popular Landscaping Trend For the last few years, one landscaping trend has become prominent: outdoor living. What makes this aspect of landscaping so great? Depending on whom you ask, the definition of outdoor living can change quite drastically. Outdoor living can mean “pool areas” to one person and “outdoor furniture” to another. Because […]

Landscape Design Dallas

Everything You Need to Know About Sustainable Landscape Design

February 7th, 2017  |  Published in Landscape Construction & Installation

Since 2001, and updated in 2012, the Dallas Water Conservation Ordinance has helped to limit overuse of water in irrigation of lawns and landscapes, leading to less pressure on the city’s water supply system and less strain on the environment. From April 1 to October 31, lawns may not be watered from 10 a.m. to […]

Fence Company Dallas

Must-Haves for Your Outdoor Kitchen

January 9th, 2017  |  Published in Landscape Construction & Installation

During winter, the last thing on your mind is probably your outdoor living space. But the truth is, now is the ideal time to start planning improvement and construction projects so they will be completed in time for you to enjoy your backyard when the weather warms up.   An outdoor kitchen takes things a […]

Highland Park Landscape Companies

Use the Premier Choice of Highland Park Landscape Companies for Your Fall Garden

September 19th, 2016  |  Published in Landscape Construction & Installation, Landscape Design

When it comes to gardening, fall can often be overshadowed by spring and summer’s beautiful colors. Though autumn gardens can seem a bit more challenging, all it really takes to showcase your property is a well-designed landscape. While you can leave the landscape design, installation and construction to the experts at Keane Landscaping – the […]

highland park landscape installation

The Best Highland Park Landscape Installation to Fit Your Lifestyle

September 19th, 2016  |  Published in Landscape Construction & Installation

Now that the Texas heat has settled down, you can settle down yourself in the great outdoors (of your home, that is). In your spare time, are you reading a book by the fireplace, maintaining your garden and growing your favorite flowers, or entertaining your friends and family? Lifestyle is one of the most important factors to consider […]

Coppell Landscaping Design

Lasso Our Lasting Landscape Construction Services

July 14th, 2016  |  Published in Landscape Construction & Installation

Finding reliable landscape construction services can be difficult these days, however, Keane Landscaping has softened this process through thirty plus years of experience and dedication to our craft. From design inception to completion, Keane Landscaping is able to transform any landscape into a beautiful, vivid utopia for both homeowners and commercial property owners. The outstanding, […]

Dallas Hardscapes

Putting the Power in Power Washing: The Benefits of Maintaining Your Dallas Hardscapes

April 30th, 2016  |  Published in Custom Stonework, Landscape Construction & Installation, Landscape Design

A Prelude to Power Washing Dallas Hardscapes Many property owners understand the necessity of landscape maintenance, but fewer understand the necessity of hardscape maintenance. Before we get into maintenance details, let’s take a moment to define what a hardscape is. Hardscapes can be defined as any surface area or fixture that is inanimate or man-made […]

Dallas Landscape

How to Stay in Control of Pesky Fire Ants from Your Dallas Landscape Design Company

April 30th, 2016  |  Published in Landscape Construction & Installation, Landscape Design, Landscape Tips

Fire ants are among the most troublesome types of insects to deal with on your property. Many property owners make the mistake of oversimplifying the extermination process by simply pouring boiling water onto mounds. While this method will kill the ants around sixty percent of the time, there are more effective methods of controlling fire […]


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