The Best Highland Park Landscape Installation to Fit Your Lifestyle

September 19th, 2016  |  Published in Landscape Construction & Installation

Now that the Texas heat has settled down, you can settle down yourself in the great outdoors (of your home, that is). In your spare time, are you reading a book by the fireplace, maintaining your garden and growing your favorite flowers, or entertaining your friends and family? Lifestyle is one of the most important factors to consider when planning your Highland Park landscape installation. At Keane Landscaping, we bring our signature look that not only adds value and beauty to your property, but caters to your daily activities.

For Relaxing

Do you associate the outdoors with winding down from a busy day? If so, we can customize your space to help you do just that. Keane Landscaping experts can install the perfect placement of trees to shade the space you will finally read that book you’ve been meaning to start. For an even cozier setting, you can put the book down and simply relax to the sound of crackling fire with our beautiful outdoor fire pits or fireplaces.

For Gardening

If you’re an avid gardener, your Highland Park landscape installation should create a beautiful space and also be easy to maintain. Your flowers, herbs and vegetables will be aesthetically pleasing and – equally important – functional, with the incorporation of our state-of-the-art irrigation and drainage system.

For Entertaining

We can transform your property to consistently set the stage for your entertainment needs. Keane Landscaping has more than two decades of experience in the hardscape, concrete and masonry industry. Our Highland Park landscape installation crews are exceptional at building outdoor kitchens, covered patios and raised decks, waterfalls, and more.

What better way to spend the fall season than taking a breath of fresh air in the comfort of your own home? Contact Keane Landscaping to find out how we can help enhance your current lifestyle.


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