Energize Your Landscape with Keane Landscaping’s Dallas Custom Woodwork

December 20th, 2016  |  Published in Arbors, Fencing & Woodwork

When you look at your yard, does it seem like something is missing? Perhaps your local landscaping experts could be of assistance. Take advantage of your yard’s organic beauty and enhance your property value with the help of your Dallas custom woodwork experts at Keane Landscaping. Whether it is a trellis, pergola, arbor, or gazebo, Team Keane can help take your outdoors to the next level.


Throw Up a Trellis

A trellis, simply a flat, latticework to support plant life, is a great, easy way to add some vibrant color and beauty to your front or back yard. Whether they rest against a wall on the house or act as a divider to create some private space, the vines and flowers that grow up, around, and through the latticework are sure to contribute to the natural charm of your garden.


Put Together a Pergola

A pergola, sometimes called a patio cover, is a structure separate from the home and supported by wooden columns or posts, built to accommodate vines and other climbing flowers. With an airy, open roof, a pergola is a fantastic structure to provide ample shade in your yard over a walkway or an outdoor seating area, without holding the wind, sun, and Mother Nature completely at bay.


Add an Arbor

While often misnamed as a trellis or a pergola, an arbor resides in its own category of outdoor woodwork. Just like a pergola and a trellis, an arbor is a small framework that supports climbing plants. However, an arbor is often used as a gateway or pathway, arching over a walkway to the front door, or acting as an entrance to a specific area in the yard. Building an arbor is an excellent way to spice up your yard and add to your property value.


Gather in Your New Gazebo

A gazebo is an octagonal or hexagonal, stand-alone structure with a solid roof, raised floor, and open walls. It is the perfect structure to maximize shade and viewing pleasure. Gazebos are perfect for relaxing, reading a book, or just enjoying your yard with family and friends.


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