5 Cool New Uses for Your Side Yard

June 29th, 2017  |  Published in Landscape Design

Side yards are often forgotten and ignored, but they can be utilized to make the most of your home’s outdoor space. Instead of neglecting your side yard, transform it into a beautiful component of your Dallas landscape using Team Keane’s landscape design services.


Here are 5 Cool New Uses for Your Side Yard

Create an Intimate Dining Space

If your side yard has the space, you can install a gravel, paver stone, or concrete patio. Install a fence between your neighbor’s yard and yours for privacy, plant some flowers, set up an outdoor dining set, and you’re ready to host your first outdoor dinner party.


European-Inspired Gaming Area

Side yards are typically long, slim strips of land, perfect for the installation of a bocce ball court. Turn your unused space into an area full of fun, then invite your pals away from the television and engage in some friendly competition.


An Escape from the Sun

Convert your boring side yard into a relaxing oasis underneath a custom-built wooden arbor. Plant some vines to fill in the crevices, and you now have the perfect hideaway to read that novel you’ve been putting aside.


A Place to Cool Off

If you like to spend a lot of time outdoors, a side yard can be the ideal space in your yard to install an outdoor shower. After a jog, hours in the garden, or after the kids return from a long day of playing, rinse off and cool off in your new outdoor shower.


Keep It Simple

Not interested in anything too fancy for your side yard? There is still a solution. Install a walkway connecting your front and back yards, and then line that path with an array of diverse, colorful native flowers and plants.


Do you have a side yard that needs an update? Contact Keane Landscaping today for more information about landscape design services.


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