Lawn Service & Maintenance


Lawn Service & Maintenance

At Keane Landscaping, we know that a well-maintained landscape will preserve the appearance and health of your lawn for years to come. The experienced lawn service Dallas team at Keane Landscaping will give a high level of personal attention to your yard in weekly lawn care visits, enabling you to enjoy a well-cultivated, beautiful yard year around.

Keane Landscaping’s lawn service Dallas and maintenance programs include:

Mow and trim all lawn areas weekly during the growing season

Fertilize all lawn areas four times annually with an appropriate balance to promote a beautiful green turf and a strong root system

Apply pre-emergent and selective herbicides twice annually to control weeds

Use insecticides and fungicides as needed throughout the year (fire ants excluded)

Scrub, Groundcover & Flower Beds

Cultivate and weed as needed to encourage the development of plant material and to maintain a well-groomed appearance

Fertilize and apply appropriate chemicals to encourage proper development and maintain a healthy, vigorous appearance

Spray to control harmful insects or diseases for plant materials (fire ants excluded)

Trim and prune shrubs and groundcover using soft prune technique, taking into consideration the design and intent of the actual plant material

Fertilize seasonal color as necessary to maximize color

Remove suckers from base of Crepe Myrtles and small caliper trees


Remove leaves and trash from all landscaped areas

Option of winter rye grass to allow for 12 months of green grass (one-time installation charge)

Fertilization for winter rye is an additional charge two times during the season


Regular monitoring of property by qualified supervisory personnel

Repair any damage to sprinkler systems by Keane Landscaping (any damage done to sprinkler systems by another company will not be covered)

Regular communications with owner to advise of any problems related to overall development and maintenance of landscaped areas

We provide a customized approach to lawn service, giving careful attention to the unique needs of your property. All of your lawn care work will be performed by experienced, uniformed Keane Landscaping crew members — we do not subcontract out any of our work. Dallas lawn service at Keane Landscaping includes 37 regularly scheduled lawn care visits per year, with weekly visits during the growing season. There is no extra charge to mow winter rye if installed by Keane Landscaping.

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