Aspects of a Modern Landscape Design

September 6th, 2017  |  Published in Landscape Design

If you have a penchant for sleek, sophisticated style, a modern landscape design may just be perfect for your home. In modern landscape designs, your outdoor spaces are organized, controlled, and clean. Check out these four aspects of a modern landscape design. They could describe the landscape of your dreams:


Pale Colors with Accents that Pop

When designing modern landscapes, designers and landscape architects like to pull from a palette of pale colors, like grays, browns, and tans. They use neutral-colored materials like concrete, gravel, steel, and ipe wood. Rather than relying on exciting colors to make the outdoor space pop, the unique shapes and locations of each design element are what shines through.

If you still want to add some color to your landscape, try adding brightly colored pillows to patio furniture or planting a wide range of flowers.


Choose Plants Based on Shape

Instead of choosing flowers, bushes, and trees based on their colors, modern landscape designs incorporate plants with unique shapes and textures like spikes or fuzz. Succulents, ornamental grasses, and reeds are perfect. Make sure to plant in straight lines to maintain order in your garden.


Straight and Simple

Straight lines and simple shapes like rectangles and circles look wonderful in a modern landscape. This aspect can be seen in the shape of your flowerbeds, your walkways, and even your wooden structures. Built-in rectangular concrete seating around a custom-built rectangular concrete outdoor fireplace, adorned with comfortable pillows, makes for a nice place to relax in your new clean, modern outdoor space.



One of the most important aspects of a modern landscape design is minimalism. Rather than adding a high number of design elements, edit the ones you already have to fit your new design, or completely replace the old ones.


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