The Best Time of Year to Install a Pool

October 25th, 2017  |  Published in Pool Services

After years of neighborhood pool memberships, long day trips to overcrowded water parks, and the unavoidable jealousy that comes with attending a friend’s pool party, you’ve made the decision: you’re getting your own pool.

The only issue now is, when? What is the best time of year to install a pool in your backyard? Is one season better than the others?

Keane Landscaping, your best choice for Dallas pool services, has the answer.

When is the Best Time of Year to Build a Swimming Pool?

The absolute best time to install a new pool is during the fall and winter seasons. There is really only one downside to installing a pool in the colder months – you will likely have to wait until the spring to use it for the first time. But even then, that only applies when you do not install a heated pool.

So, why is fall the best time of year to build a new pool?

  1. Avoiding the Busy-Season

If you wait until the fall, you miss the busy season of pool installs, so your construction team can focus more time and effort on your project.

  1. The Weather is Tamer

The weather is more reliable, and a bit cooler. With more reasonable temperatures, workers will not be distracted by the intense Texas summer heat.

  1. Get a Deal on Costs

Pool material suppliers are more likely to offer better deals, as demand will have significantly dropped.

  1. Your Pool Will Be Ready for You

By the time spring and summer roll around, your pool will be completely finished. The first day the temperatures are warm enough, you have your own pool.

  1. Give Your Yard a Chance to Recover

During construction of your new pool, the surrounding landscape typically receives some damage from the traffic of workers, tools, and equipment. If you build in the fall, you give your yard some time to recover before the spring.

Pool Installation, Repair & Remodel

While fall may be the best time of the year to install a new pool, this does not mean it is the only time of year to install a new pool. Team Keane offers Dallas pool repair, remodel, and maintenance services all year round.

Are you interested in installing a pool in your backyard? Contact Keane Landscaping today to learn more about our Dallas pool services and outdoor spa services.


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