Why You Should Consider Dallas Deep Root Feeding & Fertilization

March 20th, 2017  |  Published in Lawn Maintenance

What is Deep Root Feeding?
Our plants and trees need to be fed and nourished just the same as our lawns, but it seems that this often goes under the radar for homeowners. Deep root feeding (or deep root fertilization) is a process in which a Keane Landscaping technician will inject fertilizer directly into the soil around the roots of your trees and plants. If your trees and plants are not properly taken care of, over the years they may wither or gradually decline in health.

What are the Benefits of Dallas Deep Root Fertilization?
Deep root feeding provides your trees and plants with the nutrients they need to survive all year long. Thanks to this fertilization service, your trees and plants will experience less of the stressors that can weaken them. The Keane Landscaping Dallas deep root fertilization process offers the following additional benefits to your landscape’s trees and plants:

  • Improved budding and flowering
  • Increased resistance to harmful diseases
  • Stronger ability to fight and ward off attacks from dangerous insects
  • Compensation for deficient and poor soil and dirt
  • Counteracts poor planting locations, such as overly shaded areas

By investing into the health of your landscape, you help to protect and improve the investment into your home. Also, healthy trees and plants increase your curb appeal.

Our Other Tree and Plant Care Services
If you’re interested in Team Keane’s Dallas deep root feeding services, don’t forget to ask about our other landscape care services. Keane Landscaping offers Dallas-Fort Worth’s best lawn maintenance, including mowing, weeding, leaf removal, and more.

Texas Trees, our Dallas tree pruning and removal division, offers expert tree care service, whether you need trimming for roof clearance, storm safety, or pruning for your trees’ beauty and health.

If you’re interested in learning more about Keane Landscaping’s Dallas deep root feeding and other landscape care services, contact us today.


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