Dallas Irrigation & Sprinkler Repair Services


A properly functioning irrigation system — including sprinkler installation, irrigation and drainage — is critical to the health and maintenance of your landscape and essential in securing the investment you’ve made in your property. Under-watering can affect the root system of your grass, trees and plants, while over-watering can encourage fungus, disease and uncontrollable weeds. In addition, sprinkler repair Dallas is critical to maintain your investment and ensure your system is working properly.

At Keane Landscaping, our Certified Irrigation and Sprinkler Installation Specialists can design, install and maintain state-of-the-art irrigation and drainage systems on your property. Experts in our industry-leading Irrigation Division will ensure precise watering methods and irrigation technologies to keep your landscape looking its best all year around. We will monitor your system 24/7, provide automatic adjustments for weather and landscape changes, and schedule and watch for indications that repairs might be necessary.

At Keane Landscaping, we pride ourselves on offering you a full service irrigation team of specialized and certified experts who provide all the necessary skills in the following:

Irrigation Installation and Modification

Irrigation Service and Sprinkler Repair Dallas

Water Auditing

Back Flow Inspection and Certification

Prevention of Erosion Practices

Water Conservation and Management

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Professional Irrigation & Sprinkler Repair Services

Our Mission is to be your number one choice for Dallas Irrigation & Sprinkler Repair Services and provide consistency in scheduling, individual customer service, quality services and to see to the details of all exterior landscape designs, with excellence always in mind.

Whether you’re looking to sell or stay, we can give your home the curb appeal it needs to stay up to par with the rest of the beautiful Dallas neighborhood. We believe a beautiful, customized landscape design and a well-manicured lawn adds to the charm and aesthetic appearance of your home or business while also adding value to your property.

WE SPECIALIZE IN Dallas Irrigation & Sprinkler Repair Services SUCH AS:



Quality, performance, customer satisfaction and the constant desire to strive for perfection is what makes Keane Landscaping the most respected company of its kind in Dallas. Our Customer Service Representatives are assigned to provide individual attention to every client. All Dallas Landscape Lighting Services are maintained by 100% insured, uniformed and experienced in-house personnel who attend to your maintenance calendar.

Since our inception in 1980, our family-run landscape company has grown into the industry leader, providing a full range of Dallas Irrigation & Sprinkler Repair Services. Excellence is always our goal, and it is evident by the work we do, which is second to none.


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