Hot Summer Hues For Dallas Landscaping

June 18th, 2019  |  Published in Uncategorized

With summer coming in, you need to get an idea about the latest Dallas landscape design and convert your yard into something highly colorful. Make your neighbors envious with stunning landscaping by hiring a reputed Dallas landscape construction company. Summer can get undeniably hot and you need to choose the plants very carefully in order […]


Dallas Outdoor Kitchens = Summer Splendor

June 9th, 2019  |  Published in Uncategorized

Warmer weather has settled in, and that means we’re getting out, outside that is! Dallasites and others in the DFW are starting to spend more days hanging out on the patio and enjoying the warmth of the sun’s rays if that doesn’t sound appealing enough already how about the addition of the best burgers and […]


Drainage and Residential Irrigation Systems in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington

May 29th, 2019  |  Published in Tree Pruning & Removal

One should always ascertain the main purpose of the drain so the right choice can be made. It is pertinent to know the major difference between drainage systems of surface drains and French drains. The French drain is used in such scenarios where water slowly seeps under the ground. Surface drains remove water that is […]


Must have Hardscapes in Dallas

April 8th, 2019  |  Published in Landscape Construction & Installation

Spring is in full swing and homeowners all over DFW are starting to spend more time in their outdoor spaces, but if your patio spaces aren’t up to par, what can be done to utilize your outdoor space better? Aside from little vampirous insects that occasionally crash the party, another buzz-kill is having guests over […]


Outside is the New Inside

March 18th, 2019  |  Published in Landscape Design

Although we may still be having some chilly days, make no mistake that spring is on the way! There is still plenty of time to make your outdoor spaces as functional as your interior spaces for great entertainment experiences for you and your guests, a little downtime for relaxing, and to add some additional value […]


5 Ways to Set Spring Ambiance

March 12th, 2019  |  Published in Landscape Construction & Installation

Spring has to be one of the most favorite seasons out there, it marks the beginning of summer with blooming flowers, green tea, and perfect weather and therefore it is the best season to give your house that ideal makeover. Spring is the best season to spend the most time in your yard and in […]

How to Attract Powerful Pollinators This Spring

How to Attract Powerful Pollinators This Spring

February 23rd, 2019  |  Published in Landscape Design

Spring keeps taunting us with a few sunny and warm days here and there so we know it’s just around the corner! Now is the perfect time to start planning for our little pollinators to occupy some space in our gardens to ensure that flowers, herbs, fruits, and veggies will thrive when the time is […]

Spring Cleaning & Planning

Spring Cleaning & Planning-What to Restore/Install

January 12th, 2019  |  Published in Uncategorized

There’s something oddly therapeutic about organizing, decluttering, and tossing out old things to organize all aspects of your home, and to get a fresh start with a renewed spring in your step, but everyone does not share this sentiment. True be told, it doesn’t feel so cathartic when you’re wondering where even to start. In […]

Landscape Construction

New Year, New Landscaping- Resolutions to Set for Spring

January 9th, 2019  |  Published in Landscape Design

The Landscaping Resolutions You Need to Make This Year You don’t have to have a green thumb to be looking forward to spring especially during a Texas winter when we all have to ride the weather rollercoaster of cold and rainy paired with mild spring-like weather that tempts us all the very next day-sometimes even […]

Holiday Help- Winter Landscape Maintenance Tips

Holiday Help: Winter Landscape Maintenance Tips

December 9th, 2018  |  Published in Uncategorized

Dallas dwellers have a long love-hate relationship with winter. On one side you have gorgeous winter decorations, as well as temperatures that won’t turn your freshly showered hair into icicles. However, when freezing temperatures do start to kick in around late November, the Texas weather has a way of keeping inhabitants on their toes. Some […]


Top 5 Winter Plants To Add To Your Landscape

December 9th, 2018  |  Published in Landscape Construction & Installation

During winters, the weather in Texas is really unpredictable. With shorter days, some years pass with a mild winter, where some years there are temperatures that dip below freezing. Although the Texas growing season lasts for about 300 days, but with such unique weather conditions, it becomes quite challenging for gardening enthusiasts in Texas to […]

Types of Landscape Lighting

Types of Landscape Lighting & Ways to Integrate Landscape Lighting Solutions into your Surrounding Outdoor Spaces

November 5th, 2018  |  Published in Landscape Lighting

The outdoor living space is often overlooked when someone is designing the lighting of the house. In fact, spaces like walkways, gardens, patios, pools, etc. are an integral part of the look you give to your living space. Using landscape lighting, you can have a plethora of options to illuminate your outdoor space. Not only […]

Create a Focal Point

Effective Ways To Utilize Outdoor Living Spaces During The Fall

October 7th, 2018  |  Published in Landscape Design

With summer coming to an end, mother nature welcomes the fall with dried and crunchy leaves covering your outdoor spaces. Doesn’t raking leaves sound like the epitome of fun? If the answer is an emphatic “NO!”, Then early fall is a perfect time for giving Keane Landscaping a call for maintaining your outdoor spaces. By […]

Are my Trees Sick

Are my Trees Sick?

September 25th, 2018  |  Published in Uncategorized

Tree diseases are common and threatening as it is not easy to detect the disease before it spreads all over the plant and kills it. Mostly the fungi or insects are so small to see, and hence the disease may start damaging the tree before we even know about it. Among the many tree diseases, […]


Signs That Reveal The Health Of Your Trees

September 5th, 2018  |  Published in Uncategorized

Trees are a brilliant inclusion in any backyard and they are a paramount part of any landscape. They not only refine the air quality, also beautifies the property. Trees give us oxygen, provide shade, stabilize the soil, provide a pleasant environment by cooling your yard and home, and elevate the value of your property. The […]


Fall Fencing Ideas

September 5th, 2018  |  Published in Uncategorized

This fall season, watch the fall leaves turn bright red and gold while sipping hot chocolate in front of a bonfire, and set the music of a beautiful waterfall. Although we’re still waiting in anticipation for the weather to cool off, the cooler evenings have everyone starting to enjoy more time outdoors watching football with […]

importance of tree trimming

Importance Of Tree Trimming & How To Keep Your Trees Looking Healthy

August 12th, 2018  |  Published in Uncategorized

If you have a lawn in front of your home, you must take care of it. Increasing the attractiveness of the trees in your lawn will add to the beauty of your home. Tree trimming is basically like a good haircut for your trees. But, adding to the beauty of your outdoor property is not […]

new home now what

New Home, Now What?

August 4th, 2018  |  Published in Uncategorized

You’ve just bought a new home and chances are you can’t wait to put a personal stamp on the place and invite over all of your friends and family. With so many great ideas out there, where do you start first? No need to stress over the housewarming party because Keane Landscaping has been helping […]


Does your swimming pool and patio area need a facelift?

July 7th, 2018  |  Published in Uncategorized

It’s easy to forget to upkeep your backyard pool & deck space, but if too much time passes in between maintenance periods, this can lead to substantial repair expenses. Choose to rejuvenate your dated backyard poolscape today & save time and money tomorrow. A pool renovation, equipment modernization, deck replacement, and style makeover can deliver […]


Best Mosquito repelling plants

April 5th, 2018  |  Published in Uncategorized

Unexpected party guests showing up in your backyard? Warmer weather means it’s time to fire up the grill and invite friends and family over to enjoy each other’s company and the ambiance of your beautiful backyard! Spring flowers and warmer temperatures create the perfect environment for enjoying evenings outside around a fire pit or a […]


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