Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Summer

May 24th, 2017  |  Published in Landscape Design

As the first thing anyone sees upon arriving at your home, your front yard’s appearance is extremely important to make a good first impression. Also, we can confidently say that coming home yourself is much more enjoyable when your front yard reflects your landscaping design opinions. The team of landscape design experts at Keane Landscaping has assembled this quick list of cool front yard landscaping ideas as an inspiration resource, just for you.


  1. Walk This Way

One of the most important aspects of a cohesive front yard landscape design is the front walkway. Always make sure that your walkway follows a natural pattern of travel. When this is done incorrectly, children and dogs will forge their own pathways across the lawn.


  1. Trees, Trees, Trees

There are so many benefits of having multiple trees in your front yard:

  • They shade your home in the summer and help save you money on your electric bill.
  • Trees provide a home to all sorts of small creatures.
  • They clean the air we breathe.
  • In general, they contribute greatly to the health and beauty of your landscape.


  1. Flowers Lining the Walkway

Borders of flowers, bulbs, and other small plants add just the right touch of color and contrast against the grass in your lawn. Make sure to choose plants that survive well year-round.


  1. Custom Stonework

Consider replacing your mulch with gray river rock, line your flowerbeds with concrete blocks, or precisely place some eye-catching boulders. Backyards don’t have to be the only place you spend time. With some large paver stones, you can create a nice patio area with a pair of comfortable, wooden Adirondack chairs.


What are your favorite front yard landscaping ideas? What would you add to this list? If you’re interested in learning more about how Keane Landscaping can transform your front yard into your own personal paradise, contact us today.


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