Importance Of Tree Trimming & How To Keep Your Trees Looking Healthy

August 12th, 2018  |  Published in Uncategorized

If you have a lawn in front of your home, you must take care of it. Increasing the attractiveness of the trees in your lawn will add to the beauty of your home. Tree trimming is basically like a good haircut for your trees. But, adding to the beauty of your outdoor property is not the only reason why you must trim your trees. If the trees are not pruned they start getting sick and look unhealthy which will make your home, look gloomy. Trimming the dead branches will also add to the safety of your property because a worn out branch may bore insects which may cause problems for you.

There are four main reasons why you must consider tree trimming on a regular basis.

Tree health

Trimming your tree will make them healthier. When a tree grows denser than it has to, it will hinder sunlight to reach where it actually should. It will also prevent necessary air circulation which is required for healthy growth. After cutting some old branches, the trees will have space to grow new branches which will make it immune against harmful diseases. It will also stop dangerous insects from making their homes in it. The tree will also be able to focus on the healthy root system.

Encourage fruit production

If your tree bears fruits, then the removal of dead branches will promote the growth of your tree and encourage fruit production. Also, regular trimming of your tree will encourage the growth of fruit spur which encourages fruit production in the following year. A tree with dead wood will not bear fresh fruits.

Cutaway hazardous branches

The dead branches of your tree may fall easily during violent winds or severe rains. Also, some branches grow so tall that they cross the electric lines or hang over the roof or terrace which may be dangerous. In case it breaks down and falls, it may cause serious accidents for the people living around it.

Also, in case of fire, the risk of damage is higher because the dead branches catch fire quickly.

Cure the diseases of your tree

We already know that regular tree pruning will keep your trees away from diseases. But, if your tree is already infected with a disease then, including pruning in its treatment regime will help it to fight against the disease faster. Also if there are a bunch of trees in your lawn positioned close to each other, pruning all of them will prevent spreading the disease.

Texas Trees, Keane Landscaping arborilogical division provides tree trimming services which will improve the aesthetic beauty of your outdoor property. We have tree surgeons and climbers who are the most experienced in Dallas, TX. They don’t encourage the pests to settle down in the canopies of your trees.

For tree removal services in Dallas, TX, contact us and give us a chance to make your surroundings beautiful and healthy. According to experts, you must prune your trees every alternate year, and deep root fertilize twice annually for lush growth of your trees.


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