Lasso Our Lasting Landscape Construction Services

July 14th, 2016  |  Published in Landscape Construction & Installation

Finding reliable landscape construction services can be difficult these days, however, Keane Landscaping has softened this process through thirty plus years of experience and dedication to our craft. From design inception to completion, Keane Landscaping is able to transform any landscape into a beautiful, vivid utopia for both homeowners and commercial property owners. The outstanding, seasoned team at Keane Landscaping has been able to accomplish this feat many times over, creating a significant impact in the aesthetic of many Dallas properties.


One such example is the work that Keane Landscaping did with the Welch family. Initially, we were in the process of providing landscape construction services to one of their neighbors. The transformative process of their neighbor’s property impressed the Welch family, so they decided to partner with Keane to tackle their vision for their landscape. After we met with the family, we were able to develop a mock up drawing that closely resembled the final install and provide them with a bid. During our partnership with the Welch family, we transformed their landscape in the following ways:

  • Installing a sprinkler system
  • Planting semi-shade, natural vegetation
  • Building a brand new back patio equipped with a stone walkway, natural planting, and a stone fire pit
  • Creating a brand new fence for the backyard

When you couple your vision with Keane Landscaping’s craftsmanship, you don’t just get a new watering system or some plants that you did not have before. Rather, we offer an array of services such as:

  • Lawn maintenance
  • Tree removal and trimming
  • Custom masonry and stonework
  • Arbors, fencing and woodwork
  • Landscape lighting installs
  • Property restoration
  • Landscape design

By providing a variety of services, Keane Landscaping is able to fully realize the needs of our customers. Encapsulating a diverse range of landscape construction services truly allows us to offer a holistic landscape design to our customers and increase their home’s value to its full potential. If you want to invest in your home by cultivating the best landscape possible, contact Keane Landscaping today.


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