Putting the Power in Power Washing: The Benefits of Maintaining Your Dallas Hardscapes

April 30th, 2016  |  Published in Custom Stonework, Landscape Construction & Installation, Landscape Design

A Prelude to Power Washing Dallas Hardscapes

Many property owners understand the necessity of landscape maintenance, but fewer understand the necessity of hardscape maintenance. Before we get into maintenance details, let’s take a moment to define what a hardscape is. Hardscapes can be defined as any surface area or fixture that is inanimate or man-made in an outdoor area. This means driveways, stone masonry, gazebos, fountains etc., all fall in line within this category. Hardscape maintenance is achieved through a unique cleaning method called power washing. Our expertise with this process allows us to provide the best possible service for our customers’ Dallas hardscapes.

What is Power Washing?

Power Washing is the process of cleaning hardscapes by using a high-pressure mechanical sprayer to remove dirt, oils, animal excrements, and other unwanted materials. It’s more than just turning your garden hose on full blast, applying soap to your hardscape, and hosing the fixture down. Power washers are specialized tools that have water pressures measuring as high as 30,000 pounds per square inch or psi, as opposed to garden hoses that have an average water pressure of 40 psi. These instruments ought to be handled with care because they can be dangerous; however, if used properly, power washers can provide a number of benefits.

Putting the Power in Power Washing

Now that we have defined hardscapes and power washing; we want to discuss the benefits of power washing:

  • Removes mold, algae, pollen, bird droppings and other unwanted materials that can cause health problems
  • Improves your property’s curb appeal, which will make it look more attractive to others
  • Serves as preventative maintenance – by keeping your home clean, you discourage the growth of rot, premature aging, and the depreciation of the property
  • Cleans in between cracks and crevices, rooftops and other spaces that may be hard to reach or otherwise dangerous to try to clean

Here at Keane Landscaping we are committed to ensuring that our customers’ Dallas hardscapes are clean and safe for their enjoyment. Contact us today if you want to leave your unattractive hardscapes in the past and move towards a future of beautiful outdoor living spaces.


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