How to Get Your Dry Creek Bed Installed with the Best Creek Bed Installer in Dallas (Just in 4 Steps)

March 30th, 2020  |  Published in Landscape Construction & Installation, Landscape Tips

Creek beds are like tassels to the garden.

If made with ingenious hands and creative minds, a dry creek bed can turn your yard into a little paradise. A creek bed is a pathway, artificially made of rocks as a trench, and plants in the fringe, to animate some parts of the garden as a stream from the waterfall. It is becoming a great practice all over the US nowadays. Dry creek beds in Dallas are solving the water problems along with providing a proper drainage system to households.

We are the best creek bed installers in Dallas as we provide smart designs and innovative structures of creek beds to satisfy your appetence for beauty. Making a dry creek bed in the yard may include some innumerable number of ways to start. Apart from different individual taste and liking, we consider a suitable location and follow a few essential steps to make a beautiful creek bed.

How Keane Landscaping Team Install a Creek Bed Landscape

We do it by grabbing a few available types of equipment. The rocks are received from our trusted suppliers, and we carefully choose the plants that will sustain. Things that we use to make it possible are:

• A Shovel
• Landscape Paint
• Landscape Fabric
• River rocks, smooth cobbles, and pebbles.
• Drought- tolerant Plants.
• Other fancy decorations as per individual taste.

Creek Bed Installation Process

Step 1

For dry creek bed landscaping, first, we plan out the mapping of how you want it to embed the procedure throughout your place. Selecting the already sloppy parts around your house is a good idea to avoid inward flooding. And also mustn’t trouble the neighbor or inundate the streets during heavy rainfall. Now, we mark the channel with landscaping paint- give it the shape how you want the water stream to flow, mark the edges, the curves, and determine it’s probable width.

Creek Bed Installation

Step 2

Secondly, we remove the unnecessary plants or shrubs from the creek bed channel. It is necessary to dig the creek bed at least 2 to 3 feet down concerning the breadth before shaping the outlines with landscape fabric. We remove the excavated soil from the site, or can even stow it in the sides to give it a natural ridge-like texture. Using a landscape fabric works as a weed barrier to prevent weeds from growing under the creek bed. Now comes the tricky part, the installation of rocks to the bed.

Creek Bed Installation

Step 3

Choosing appropriate stones for the dry creek bed is equally necessary as the proper excavation of dirt. It serves two purposes. One is to give a smooth visual appearance, and the second is to prevent erosion and preserve the ecosystem of the soil. Sometimes, installing a dry creek bed also parlance contextually to the owner’s esthetical viewpoints. River rocks, cobbles, and pebbles are used mostly for dry creek beds. The biggest and largest ones should be aligned to the curves and edges to give a smooth outline. Then we lay down the cobbles, making sure the large rocks do not tumble across each other. We place them randomly to avoid the artificial look. And finally, fill in the rest of the bed in the middle with different sized pebbles.

Creek Bed Landscape Installation

Step 4

As a finishing touch, we place small drought-tolerant plants on the brinks. Getting succulents is a great option.

Why You Need to Hire a Creek Bed Installer

Knowing that creek bed installation should be monitored by professionals. A lot of us might think, this is a handsome, easy task and can be done by individual efforts.

However, the professionals know how to maneuver the boulders, the proper application of landscape fabric, and can readily perceive an assumption on how you can avoid watery puddles outside your house. Adding a stone enchanted mermaid, arranging a glorious cascade amid the garden greenery- is all you might want to feel sophisticated and satisfied about your living place. Well if you’re going to do all of it by yourself and try installing a DIY creek bed in your garden, these are specific issues you might face-

• The excavation of the soil may not have proper depth.
• Choosing the rocks may not work accordingly.
• And most important, the mapping of the landscape may not be accurate.

Dry Creek Bed Installation Price in Dallas

Since 1980, Keane Landscaping has been successfully glorifying our foundational motto to provide landscaping services in Dallas, Texas. We have more than 35 years of professional experience, and our best service is provided to you at an affordable cost. We are the best dry creek bed installer in Dallas, on whom you can rely.

The dry creek bed installation price depends on what types of rocks are used per foot to cover the bed. Usually, it costs 4$ to 7$ per foot to install river rocks. This means if your creek bed is 20 feet long and 5 feet wide, it will cost approximately 400$ to 700$, including delivery charges for your creek bed. As professionals, they can charge 45$ to 80$ per hour, depending on the size and variance of the task. The time to install a creek bed also depends on the variety. If you want to intensify the beauty of your garden, the dry creek bed installation price will be much different in that case. We communicate with dealers all over the world, depending on our customer demand. For garden antiques, you can refer to one site like The Hoarde.
Our other services for maintenance in your house include – Patio installation, fencing, and woodwork, arbor, etc.

Benefits of Installing a Dry Creek Bed in Your Landscape

Dry creek bed landscaping is an efficient drainage system for your garden. The significant benefits of installing creek beds are it prohibits the stagnancy of water, removes soil degradation from oozing mulch, protects erosion-prone areas, and balances the steep streamflow slopes. A dry creek bed may help to allocate space in your garden. Determine specific spaces in sunny and shady areas. Using different rocks adds color and soothing meaning to the environment. Plants bring along serene features, and you can see birds getting attracted to build their nests beside your home.

Our Last Thought on Your Creek Bed Installation

The decorated creek beds give an ornamental appearance to your garden, and the landscape around your dream residence becomes increasingly beautiful. If you are looking for the best creek bed installer in Dallas, now is the time to contact an expert, seek professional guidance and turn your garden into gorgeous vintage through the best creek bed landscape.


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