10+ Affordable and Best Lawn care companies in Dallas, TX

January 15th, 2020  |  Published in Lawn Maintenance

Looking for lawn care services in Dallas, but are unsure about which companies offer the most affordable and best Dallas lawn care services?

Look no further!

This list of the 10+ Affordable and Best Lawn care services in Dallas, Texas should help you choose.

Keane Landscaping

Keane Landscaping is one of the most respected lawn mowing, landscape design, and yard maintenance companies in Dallas providing a full range of Dallas landscaping services. Since its inception in 1980, their family-run landscape company has grown into a full-service provider for all landscape services for residential and commercial properties.

best lawn care company in dallas

Keane Landscaping offers a wide range of Dallas landscaping services including landscape design, construction, installation, lawn maintenance, arbors, fencing, power washing, pool repair, irrigation and sprinkler repair and much more.


The Dallas Landscape Construction experts at Keane Landscaping will bring your outdoor living dreams to life. No company in the industry provides the vision and concepts of their professional sales team. Each of their landscape installation foremen brings over 20 years of experience to their Dallas Landscape Construction division and are masters of their craft.

At Keane Landscaping, Keane Landscaping strives for excellence and takes pleasure in transforming each and every one of their landscape installation properties into a personal paradise for their customers to enjoy with their families and guests.


Keane Landscaping is an established experienced residential lawn mowing and landscape maintenance company that understands a well-maintained landscape that will preserve the appearance and health of your lawn for years to come. The experienced lawn service and local mowing team at Keane Landscaping in Dallas gives a high level of personal attention to your yard in weekly lawn care visits, enabling you to enjoy a well-cultivated, beautiful yard year-round.

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Keane Landscaping’s lawn service Dallas and lawn maintenance services include:

  • Mow and trim all lawn areas weekly during the growing season
  • Fertilize all lawn areas four times annually with an appropriate balance to promote a beautiful green turf and a strong root system
  • Apply pre-emergent and selective herbicides twice annually to control weeds
  • Use insecticides and fungicides as needed throughout the year (fire ants excluded)


Texas Trees, Keane Landscaping’s arborilogical division, strives to give you the highest level of customer care and treatment, no matter what kind of tree services you need — from the best tree removal Dallas has to offer, tree trimming to fertilization, disease control, and stump grinding. Their goal is to create a unique environment that enhances your outdoor property.
The professional tree surgeons of Texas Trees, Keane Landscaping’s arborilogical division, are some of the most experienced and skilled tree climbers in Dallas/Fort Worth. They are experts in removing deadwood and creating a healthy growing environment to protect your landscape’s most valuable assets. Texas Trees’ professional tree trimming discourages pests from living in the canopy of trees and helps your trees develop properly, letting in valuable sunlight while providing shade and wind protection.

Keane’s tree surgeons are completely insured and bonded and have a minimum of 15 years as members of Keane Landscaping’s team.


A properly functioning irrigation system — including sprinkler installation, irrigation, and drainage — is critical to the health and maintenance of your landscape and essential in securing the investment you’ve made in your property. Under-watering can affect the root system of your grass, trees, and plants, while over-watering can encourage fungus, disease and uncontrollable weeds. In addition, sprinkler repair Dallas is critical to maintain your investment and ensure your system is working properly.

At Keane Landscaping, their Certified Irrigation and Sprinkler Installation Specialists can design, install and maintain state-of-the-art irrigation and drainage systems on your property. Experts in their industry-leading Irrigation Division will ensure precise watering methods and irrigation technologies to keep your landscape looking its best all year around. Keane Landscaping will monitor your system 24/7, provide automatic adjustments for weather and landscape changes, and schedule and watch for indications that repairs might be necessary.


Custom stonework is more than brick and mortar. It takes a deft hand and requires experience in handling a variety of materials. Keane Landscaping takes great pride in designing the best custom stonework Dallas has to offer, rather than mass production, in order to provide a superior product with unique and timeless elegance. Masonry and hardscapes add natural beauty to your landscape and outdoor living spaces. At Keane Landscaping, their talented and experienced stonemasons offer a wide variety of ways to use gorgeous natural stone to complement your landscape and outdoor living space.

Fence Repair

Keane Landscaping is your one-stop shop fence company Dallas for any fence construction or fence repair services. Keane Landscaping has experienced contractors for any size fence repair or installation jobs. Keane will also stain your existing fence to make your old wood look new again if staining is more cost-effective for you than installing new fence.


Patio covers and arbors add value to your home while enhancing your quality of life. They provide protection from Mother Nature while increasing patio space and availability to entertain family and friends. You can entertain and enjoy the outdoors rain or shine with the right additions. Keane Landscaping pride themselves in their custom designs and intricate attention to detail for residential and commercial customers. Keane’s team of experts is determined to provide the highest quality service, as Keane Landscaping knows your property is one of your most prized assets.


Landscape lighting from Keane Landscaping can enhance the beauty and safety of your home. Safety is the most important benefit of Dallas landscape lighting. By placing lighting in all the right places, outdoor lighting can truly transform the look of your outdoor living space at night. With Dallas landscape lighting, flowerbeds and trees take on a new beauty, pathways are illuminated, patios, arbors and pool areas liven up and moonlight is cast on to the yard from the treetops.

2) CL Irrigation Service

Services offered by CL Irrigation Service:
Sprinkler System Repair – For Business
Sprinkler System – Winterize or Activate – For Business
Sprinkler System Install, Sprinkler System Install – For Business
Sprinkler System – Winterize or Activate
Sprinkler System Repair

3) New Growth Landscaping

Services offered by New Growth Landscaping:
Fall / Spring Yard Clean Up,
Fall / Spring Yard Clean Up – For Business

4) Orve Tree Service

Services offered by Orve Tree Service:
Fall / Spring Yard Clean Up

5) Delgado Landscaping

Services offered by Delgado landscaping:
Fall / Spring Yard Clean Up,
Mow & Maintain a Lawn

6) The Lawn Mowgul

Services offered by The Lawn Mowgul:
Mow & Maintain a Lawn

7) Crew Cut

Services offered by Crew Cut:
Aerate Lawn, Sprinkler System – Winterize or Activate,
Fall / Spring Yard Clean Up, Mow & Maintain a Lawn

8) 360 Irrigation And Drainage

Services offered by 360 Irrigation And Drainage:
Sprinkler System – Winterize or Activate – For Business,
Sprinkler System – Winterize or Activate

9) Patriot Hydroseeding & Mulching, LLC

Services offered by Patriot Hydroseeding & Mulching, LLC:
Lawn Seeding / Hydroseeding

10) Quality Clean and Maintenance Services

Services offered by Quality Clean and Maintenance Services:
Mow & Maintain a Lawn – For Business

Honorable Dallas Lawn Care Mention – Texas Rose Lawns & Landscape

Services offered by 360 Irrigation And Drainage:
Mow & Maintain a Lawn


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