Does your swimming pool and patio area need a facelift?

July 7th, 2018  |  Published in Uncategorized

It’s easy to forget to upkeep your backyard pool & deck space, but if too much time passes in between maintenance periods, this can lead to substantial repair expenses. Choose to rejuvenate your dated backyard poolscape today & save time and money tomorrow. A pool renovation, equipment modernization, deck replacement, and style makeover can deliver a variety of benefits. Among them:

Beauty and functionality increase making your backyard more inviting for friends and family thus you get more time spent outdoors to enjoy your home’s amenities. Equipment modernization can lead to the reduction of water and energy consumption—with accompanying decreases in utility bills; updated equipment also increases operating ease and time savings related to maintenance; and prevention of additional labor and cost-intensive repairs in the future.

When beginning to plan a pool and backyard makeover, there are a variety of renovation options to consider. Luckily for you, we’ve already done the research for you to find an array of possibilities for modernizations and updates, and we have the expertise to rejuvenate your dated backyard poolscape, so let’s take a brief look at a few basic restoration options.

Before we begin, please keep your backyard space in mind and with a free consultation, we can discuss your pool’s needs in depth and advise which solutions are best suited for your pool, backyard conditions, family needs, and region. Of course, your budget will also come into play.

Restoring the basics

1. Replace Tile

One of the most popular pool restoration options is to replace the surrounding interior perimeter with gleaming new ceramic tile. Tiles are one of the first features noticed because they are highly visible even when you’re not in the pool, a new tile line will immediately freshen your pool’s appearance.

Tile style trends change as does personal style, so you have more choices than ever with a variety of patterns, sizes, and a kaleidoscope of colors that suit your style needs. Increasingly popular in warmer regions of the U.S.—and if your budget allows for splurging— glistening iridescent glass tiles would be perfect to add some glitz to your pool.

(insert iridescent tile pic)

2. Change Coping

No, we’re not suggesting that you just accept your pool’s current condition and learn to cope with having a dated poolscape. “Coping” is the edging material around the perimeter of the pool that sits between the pool structure and your deck. It’s like having a picture frame for your pool, so let’s make it pretty again. (A cantilevered deck, will not have coping.)

Replacing a loose, cracked, and crumbling border with new material is another great way to upgrade your pool space. Some cost-effective favorites include concrete, bull-nose brick, or safety-grip brick. If your budget allows for extra expenditures, you can choose to have more of a decorative touch by selecting from a wider variety of natural stones like flagstone, travertine, quartzite, or even marble.

3. Re-plaster interior.

Another favorite item that’s on most pool-remodel remodel lists is new plaster. Just as you would think of replacing carpet or flooring over time in the interior of your home, you also need to consider adding new pool plaster. Years of wear and tear can result in chips, mottling, color changes, and other forms of the material’s deterioration which ultimately create wear and tear on pool cleaning and filtration systems.

If you have old-school white marcite plaster, then it’s definitely time to upgrade. Go with a slip-resistant quartz aggregate finish that delivers long-lasting color and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. If your budget allows, you can opt for the Mercedes of interior pool finishes, colored pebble increasing decorative elements in and around your pool.

4. Apply mosaics.

If considering a new plaster job is on your remodeling agenda, then you may want to introduce some stylish tile mosaics. These beautiful prefabricated additions are a simple, affordable way to add a touch of fun, sophistication, or personalization.

Choose a bright school of shimmering fish, an elegant Fleur De Lys, a family monogram, or any other number of colorful creatures, symbols, and decorative elements.

5. Add Water Features

Water features can create a lovely focal point and a little more grandeur to an otherwise-boring pool design. Some of the top bets are faux & natural rock waterfalls, water-spouting sculptures, and deck-based laminar jets that arc into the pool surface to create liquid drama.

6. Install slide or diving board.

To maximize family fun and fitness, you may want to install a slide, diving board, or diving rock if your pool has the depth, space, and configurations to accommodate safe use. Your kids will thank you, and so will young-at-heart adults.

Please keep in mind that adding these kinds of accessories are not possible on every existing pool. To help prevent obstructions and promote safe use, contact our experts at Keane Landscaping today for a free estimate.

7. Reduce depth.

If diving isn’t your particular interest and you’d like to get more functionality from your pool space, consider reducing it. In the past, pools were often built with 8-foot deep ends—this was an assumption plan that lingered on for a while, but now many choose to go with shallower pools because they provide more area for people to stand, play, and engage in water activities. Also, with less water capacity, shallower pools save some time and money to heat, circulate, and sanitize as well.


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