New Home, Now What?

August 4th, 2018  |  Published in Uncategorized

You’ve just bought a new home and chances are you can’t wait to put a personal stamp on the place and invite over all of your friends and family. With so many great ideas out there, where do you start first? No need to stress over the housewarming party because Keane Landscaping has been helping DFW homeowners come up with beautiful and functional landscape plans since 1980. Our expert team can help you come up with an individualized plan to meet your specific needs and budget to get you started. Here are a few important considerations to keep in mind.

When developing your plan, consider what role(s) you want your yard to play. Would you like to have a great entertainment space to accommodate many people?  Or are you envisioning a perfectly quaint place of solitude? Consider the type of environment that you’d like to create, plus a few other things like style, preferred colors, and most importantly your budget. As with designing a home, evaluating what your budget will allow for is critical to bringing your dream yard to fruition.

Another critical element for a homeowner planning their landscaping in DFW is having a master plan. An excellent approach to coming up with a master plan is to look at the way that the seasons might potentially impact your property. Our expert landscaping team can help you anticipate your property’s specific needs and help you incorporate features and landscaping that will keep your yard looking great from season to season.

Sticking to your plan will help alleviate stress and help you to remember that top quality landscaping occurs in stages. Hardscaping features like arbors, pergolas, decks, lighting, pools, water features/fountains and walkways should go in first. Next, build around these features with trees and shrubbery. It takes time to establish some of these hardscaping features, so in the meantime, you can add color with the use of seasonal landscaping and other plant accents to support the emerging beauty of your yard. The experts at Keane Landscaping will provide plant recommendations that are perfect for the sun, soil, drainage and other seasonal factors impacting your space.

Becoming a new homeowner doesn’t have to feel overwhelming if you come up with the right plan. Again, developing a master plan will keep you create the right aesthetic and functionality of your yard space, stick to your budget, carefully consider essential factors that will impact your yard from season to season, and help keep you from getting overwhelmed when you’re at the garden center, overwhelmed by all the pretty plants.

As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” – This speaks to the care and construction of your dream yard. Begin with a vision, develop a budget, then give the experts at Keane Landscaping a call for a free consultation. Keane Landscaping has been helping DFW area homeowners bring their landscaping dreams to life since 1980. They’ll provide their year of expertise and recommend elements that will work best for your space and keep your new investment looking great year round.


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