Fall Fencing Ideas

September 5th, 2018  |  Published in Uncategorized

This fall season, watch the fall leaves turn bright red and gold while sipping hot chocolate in front of a bonfire, and set the music of a beautiful waterfall. Although we’re still waiting in anticipation for the weather to cool off, the cooler evenings have everyone starting to enjoy more time outdoors watching football with family and friends or simply relaxing in the cooler weather on the patio. With a little extra effort, you can arrange your outdoor living spaces to fit any entertaining lifestyle. Your outdoor living area has no boundaries, so when designing the exterior aesthetics of your yard, you’ll find that it is very different than decorating the interior of your home.

When spending more time outdoors, you may find that you’d like to have a tad more privacy. Installing a fence around your outdoor spaces during the fall or winter offers many benefits, not just to your budget but also to your lifestyle.

With as many of your Pinterest pins you’ve made, it can start to become a little overwhelming to select the right fencing fit so here are a few tried and true classic fencing options that can be customized based upon your needs and personal style.

Types of stylish fencing

Types of stylish fencing:

Natural Wood Fencing

You need to consider this fencing as one of the most straightforward and inexpensive fencing designs. The quality of this fencing is very natural. The best feature about this fencing is, it is applicable for houses of all sizes. The wood should provide a protective shield against worms and termites. With this option, we highly recommend that you stain your fence with the Texas weather being as unpredictable as it can be. We endure the hottest summers and coldest winters that often include ice storms. Staining your fence and deck is essential to keeping your outdoor living areas’ aesthetic appeal. We use an oil-based stain to give your fence an elegant appearance while protecting the wood. If you are looking to help the appearance of an old fence, we can help. We specialize in bleaching and restoring weathered fences.

Log Fencing

Log Fencing

It is one of the most elegant fencing designs. If you are a die-hard fan of rustic looking homes, you can consider log fencing a go-to design to achieve the aesthetic of rustic beauty. As log fencing is naturally made, it gives a very subtle look to your home and makes it look like an antique.

Textured wall fence

Textured fencing is mainly considered as privacy fence. Privacy fence is chosen mainly by people don’t prefer any outdoor noises. Noise buffering fencing options like this one are mainly installed in cities, wherein the houses are closely connected and the use of textured wall fencing decreases the neighboring noises. It is especially desired for backyards with pools, for example. It gives a very calm and elegant look of the yard and acts as a buffer for sounds that occur thus increasing the serenity of your outdoor space.

Electric Fence

Electric Fence

They are mainly installed for some purpose. They are usually installed in order to protect your backyard from animals’ trespassing. They usually have some small amount of current in to make such uninvited guests to go away.


Keane Landscaping


Whatever your fencing needs may be, Keane Landscaping is your one-stop shop fence company Dallas for any fence construction or fence repair services. We have experienced contractors for any size fence repair or installation jobs.

Keane Landscaping provides its customers with best fence construction or fence repair services. Our hired professionals construct and install fences of different styles to fit your vision. The team can re-vamp your current fencing or install a whole new fence if needed and as the unpredictable Texas weather becomes extreme in both summer and winter.

Team Keane provides the following:

  • We keep an eye on the weather and accordingly use seals & stains
  • We use Oil-Based Stain
  • We protect your fence by restoring Weathered Wood
  • We take steps to make sure to prolong the Life of the Wood
  • We ensure the best appearance of the home by delivering quality design and installation.
  • We make all arrangements to stop Mold and Mildew that Causes Wood to Gray & Warp
  • We deal in custom designs in and for residential and commercial customers.


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