Looking to Upgrade Your Backyard?

April 5th, 2018  |  Published in Uncategorized

Keane Landscaping, dedicated to keeping lawns and landscapes looking great, also provides many services that are sure to be crowd pleasers for every get-together. Upgrade your backyard with sleek and functional seating for guests around a beautiful fire pit or fireplace and spend more time outdoors. Our team of expert stonemasons and designers have over twenty years of experience creating one of a kind hardscape features that will keep your residential or commercial properties a warm and inviting space for all. Firepits and outdoor fireplaces can be an easy way to spruce up your space and have many benefits.

  1. Fire pits are crowd-pleasers. There’s something to be said about hypnotic dancing flames that seem to mesmerize and provide a sense of comfort. Since the dawn of time, human beings have always enjoyed gathering around an open fire. One simple phrase can fill your backyard with friendship and fun, “Have plans tonight? We’re lighting up a fire, want to come over?”
  2. A wood-burning pit isn’t your only option. Wood burning fires are the perfect addition to any backyard, but if you live in close quarters with neighbors, live in an area with restrictions on wood burning, or encounter the ever so popular Texas burn ban enacted in your area, you’re not entirely out of luck. Gas or propane models work instantly instead of wood burning and in some cases are preferential.

Let’s take a closer look at fuel options:

Wood Fire Pit

Pros: Wood-burning fire pits aren’t too complicated to build, and Keane Landscape has a variety of price point options sure to fit any budget.

Cons: Harmful air pollutants are emitted into the air contributing to pollution. In areas prone to burn bans, wood-burning can often be restricted. Using a protective screen to keep embers from flying out can be very helpful, and many screens come in a variety of decorative styles that can enhance your style.

Natural Gas Fire Pit

Pros: Flip a switch and enjoy. You may find yourself using your space even more frequently. If using gas, your options for fireplace, or fire pit placement are wide open. Gas propelled systems offer placement versatility that wood burning builds cannot provide.

Cons: Installation can be a tad more expensive, however the amount of use that you can get out of a natural gas fire pit or fireplace over time is worth the extra investment.

Propane Fire Pit

Pros: Also an easy, quick lighting option, propane fire pits can be free-standing and easy to move.

Cons: Propane levels require monitoring and hauling heavy canisters to and from the store regularly for refills can be cumbersome. Propane fire pits can look a bit clunky and bulky and do not provide a stylish aesthetic. Some things are better left to the experts, and our Keane team is happy to design an outdoor space to fit your needs.

  1. The night sky becomes illuminated. Sure there are all kinds of lighting gadgets out there, but nothing quite competes with the glow of a real blazing fire. Every corner of your backyard space becomes bathed in a warm glow of flickering light emanating from your fireplace or pit without having to fuss with electricity or undependable solar lights.
  2. A fireplace or pit can offer large and small spaces a chic look. From smaller urban patios to sprawling garden style yards, fireplaces and pits become a glowing centerpiece surrounded by bench style seating for a few or a crowd.
  3. A fireplace or pit is a hardscape feature to be used year-round. The versatility of adding this kind of element is worth investment. In the summer, gather friends and family around to roast hot dogs, or smores while enjoying the crisp night air. For fall and winter, curl up with friends and family under a warm blankets and drink hot toddies or cocoa.
  4. Fire features aren’t just for groups; they can create more intimate ambiances as well. Parties aren’t the only return on investment you’ll experience. A romantic night for two, or a peaceful night to yourself can tempt anyone to skip the nightcaps elsewhere and sip a glass of wine beside the fire in your space as you gaze at the night sky in all its glory.
  5. Price points are available. Keane Landscaping Inc. brings an incredible wealth of experience to every project at every price point. Whether it’s custom built-in bench seating surrounding a beautiful blaze or a complete outdoor kitchen with all the bells and whistles, Keane Landscaping Inc. has the solution that fits your needs.
  6. Dinners have never tasted so well. Interested in a campout feel without the discomfort of sleeping in a tent? Have a little cookout in your backyard, lay a blanket in the grass and authenticate your experience over an open flame under twinkling stars. If you choose a wood burning option, simply place a grill rack atop the fire, or wrap up delicious goodies in foil packets and tuck them amongst the coals.
  7. Need s’more family fun? A growing kid and a kid at heart can appreciate a gooey, and chocolatey s’more. The convenience of a real fire in your backyard lends itself to starting a Friday night family tradition.
  8.  A fire pit may help you sell your home. Still not sure a fireplace or fire pit is the right addition to your home? According to research, home buyers are more likely to purchase homes with these additions. The attractiveness of well taken care of outdoor space including a fireplace or pit could give your home a competitive advantage in the housing market if you should ever choose to leave the warm glow you’ll come to love.

For a design consultation, call the experts, call Keane Landscaping.


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