Best Texas Perennials

January 25th, 2018  |  Published in Landscape Construction & Installation, Landscape Design, Landscape Tips

There are many schools of thought on when you trim back your perennials. We recommend trimming them back right before new growth takes place. This means that the beginning of February is the ideal time for this to be scheduled. Having a professional take care of this chore is the best option. It sometimes takes years of experience with Texas perennials to know which trim heights work best for each species. With Texas weather being unpredictable and unbearably warm during the summer, hardy perennials that will come back year after year are the best picks. Here are our recommendations for the best Texas Perennials for you to choose from.


Best Texas Perennials


  1. Texas Gold Columbine

The Texas Gold Columbine boasts beautifully golden blooms that are great for shady areas but also have a high tolerance for heat.

  1. Non-Blooming Lamb’s Ear

Lamb’s Ear can’t get enough of the sun! It tolerates heat and humidity very well and is excellent as a border or ground cover.

  1. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas thrive when they receive morning sun until about 10AM. These large beautiful blossoms to require lots of hydration. Be sure that your irrigation systems are working properly to keep them happy and healthy.

  1. Dianthus

Dianthus can be a great substitute for pansies. They bloom in March and last almost entirely through May. They come in many dynamic shades of pinks and purples to provide a pop of filler color to your flower beds.

  1. Variegated Ivy

Although typically a potted ivy, the large leaves look amazing spilling from large ornate containers that look great on a front stoop.

  1. Purple Coneflower

The Purple Coneflower are a drought tolerant plant that can grow up to 2 feet high. This daisy shaped perennial prefers sun, but will tolerate lightly shaded areas as well.

  1. Sweet Potato Vines

Sweet Potato Vines are a plant that can pretty much withstand any position within your landscape. They do very well in shaded areas, but will require a small amount of extra hydration if placed in full sun. If the vines are hit with a strong frost during the winter they will still grow back as long as the roots suffered minimal damage.


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