10+ Things to Consider Before Choosing Lawn Service in Dallas

January 13th, 2020  |  Published in Landscape Tips, Lawn Maintenance

A home’s front lawn and landscaping can shape the overall look of the property and should be appropriately handled. But, before you choose your Dallas lawn service provider, it’s essential to know a few things about who you’re hiring.

So to help, Keane Landscaping put together a list of the 10+ Things to Consider Before Choosing Lawn Service in Dallas or the United States.

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What Should You Keep in Mind While Choosing a Dallas Lawn Service Provider Near Dallas


Make sure you know the company. There is a multitude of lawn care service companies in Dallas and across the United States, and knowing their previous history can be a massive plus while shopping for lawn care services in your area. Check reviews, social media, and other rating websites to see what others in your community are saying about a particular company.

professional lawn service in dallas

Keane Landscaping has been in business for over 35 years and has been rated the #1 landscaping company in Dallas because of their dedication to quality service. This tradition of care has been passed down from generation to generation as Keane Landscaping continues to be family owned and operated.


Understand what sort of licensing a lawn service in Dallas or your area needs to abide by local laws. Although it may seem cheaper to go with an unlicensed lawn care provider, though the proper paperwork ensures that there will be quality in work being done.

There lawn care services provided by unlicensed providers may lead to unwarranted accidents of the destruction of property if close attention is not paid.


Again, going back to the risks that can occur if the provider you choose for your lawn mowing service is not properly licensed or, in this case, insured, any property damaged will not be covered. This could lead to hassles with lawyers if the damage is extensive, and at the very least, an unnecessary confrontation with the provider to receive compensation.

But, in most cases, those working with unlicensed Dallas lawn service companies will have to eat the cost of the damage and pay for it out of their own pockets. A costly consequence of saving money or a “more affordable” lawn care option.


Like any well-run company, your lawn care service professionals should have a well-run organization of dedicated lawn care servicemen and women. Having a team of talented performers means the company will uphold a high standard for your lawn service.

Keane practices this by putting the closest level of detail into our work both in the field and in the office.

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of running a business since people started selling goods and services, and professional lawn services are no different.

If you don’t take care of the customer, people will leave and not return to your business. Therefore, making sure the company you choose for your lawn service is filled with experts at making customers happy.

The more effort a company puts into customer service, the more attention to detail on your lawn service.


Hiring a Dallas lawn service company that has the highest quality equipment is vital to the quality of their work. Without quality equipment, the lawn care service can’t produce the highest quality service.

Keane Landscaping ensures that our equipment is up to date and well maintained so that our lawn service professionals are set up for success with each service they provide.


Make sure that you understand the agreement you are signing up for when you begin your service. Is your service going to be month to month? Every six months? Yearly?
Knowing the type of contract you’re signing, and the terms of your agreement will help you avoid any unnecessary frustration that could be caused by the confusion of the transaction.

Don’t be afraid to ask if you are confused!

Affordable Pricing

Get a quote before you sign up for the service and don’t trust any rate that is given before a lawn care professional comes to see your lawn unless there are other circumstances.

Knowing the price you are going to be paying helps set your expectations for the future and will avoid confusion or disputes later.


Quality services care to set one lawn care service in Dallas apart from the rest, and that is what Keane strives to do each day.

Services Should Include:



Your lawn care service should display a high level of professionalism, and that starts with being reliable. Being canceled on or having services moved is not a proper way to run a business and should only be done in worst-case scenarios.

Making sure you choose a company with a track record of reliability will ensure your lawn and home look great week in and week out.

Drive for Success

At Keane Landscaping, our Mission is to be your number one choice landscape company in Dallas and provide consistency in scheduling, individual customer service, quality services, and to see to the details of all exterior landscape designs, with excellence always in mind.


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