Are my Trees Sick?

September 25th, 2018  |  Published in Uncategorized

Tree diseases are common and threatening as it is not easy to detect the disease before it spreads all over the plant and kills it. Mostly the fungi or insects are so small to see, and hence the disease may start damaging the tree before we even know about it. Among the many tree diseases, one is oak wilt disease in which loss of leaves is the most common symptom. The other symptoms of oak wilt differ with the type of tree. The live oak leaves veins become yellow while red and white oak show partial brownness of the leaves. This disease spreads from the damaged part of the tree to the healthy one through fungus carrying insects and can also transfer to healthy trees via roots.

Are my Trees Sick

Sooty mold is another fungal disease that does not damage the tree itself but can affect structures or vehicles beneath them. Sooty mold can be identified by the black bulgy spots on leaves.  Fire blight is a bacterial tree disease that can be distinguished from the burnt appearance of the leaves. This is quite a fatal disease that can damage and eventually kills the entire tree. The limbs, branches, and leaves become either brown or black. The bark may also show a red colored abrasion on it.

Phytophthora is another tree disease whose damage depends on its starting point. If the disease starts from the roots, the tree doesn’t die quickly, but this rate of tree decay becomes considerably fast when the rotting starts from the stem.

In order to avoid these inevitable diseases, we must seek some professional protection, and KEANE LANDSCAPING SERVICES is the one to rely on to get the job done right. The organization provides many services including trimming and removal of trees as well as maintenance of your lawn. Most of the diseases stated above spread from diseased parts to the healthy parts and can also infect the trees nearby through roots or insects. In such cases, it is essential to trim off the unhealthy parts or cut off the dead tree before it takes the life of a healthy one.

Many of the tree diseases also spread due to pruning tools, and that’s why KEANE LANDSCAPING SERVICES provides highly professional and skilled persons to carry out trimming or tree removal. Safety and health of plants is the number one priority of KEANE LANDSCAPING SERVICES. To reach KEANE LANDSCAPING SERVICES for maintenance or alike services email at info@keanelandscaping.com or call at (927) 424-4851.


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