Types of Landscape Lighting & Ways to Integrate Landscape Lighting Solutions into your Surrounding Outdoor Spaces

November 5th, 2018  |  Published in Landscape Lighting

The outdoor living space is often overlooked when someone is designing the lighting of the house. In fact, spaces like walkways, gardens, patios, pools, etc. are an integral part of the look you give to your living space. Using landscape lighting solution, you can have a plethora of options to illuminate your outdoor space.

Not only does landscape lighting solution providers will make the surroundings more glamorous but it also improves your home’s value as when the sun goes down, you home glows up. It helps expand the outdoor living space of your house and also adds to the outdoor activity hours. Another benefit is that landscape lights also promote safety as you can create a safe path on walkways, steps, driveways, and more.

How to select the bulb that gives the best landscape lighting?

Selecting the perfect bulb is an important detail that cannot be overlooked. You should only select bulbs for outdoor fixtures that meet a certain set of requirements like:

  • Should be designed in a way that they can be used in damp locations. It will improve the longevity as they can survive for a longer time in the outdoor environment.

  • Their listing should be ETL or UL.
  • If you are going for LED, then they should come with a conformal coating as it prevents corrosion and moisture induced damage to any sensitive computer component.

Different type of landscape lighting to brighten up your living area


Super Duty LED

You can use a super duty style of LED lighting as this one offers reliable landscape lights that are specially engineered to last long. These come in a collection which basically means you can easily match them with your post lights, porch lights, and other type of landscape lights used on your property.

This is a great outdoor lighting idea for front of the house as you can add to an already existing lighting system and use it to highlight seating areas or larger gardens.


Make Use of Spotlights

Another way to get the best landscape lighting effect is to make use of small landscape lighting spot lights. These come in different shapes which give you a great deal of options to mix and match for getting better effects.

These will give you an option for illuminating specific portions of your area like trees, yard, or any architectural detail.


LED Bulbs

This is one of the best landscape lighting types are it is very efficient and eco-friendly.  These lights use far less energy than other types of bulbs. It indirectly means this landscape lighting will cost you far less than any other type.

This can be used very well to complement the poolside, or sitting area, or even pathways.


Submersible Pool Lights

How cool do submersible pool lights sound, right? These special landscape lights come with a waterproof design which you can place in water bodies around your house. Its illuminating effect will not only give a glittering effect but it will also increase the safety factor near the pool.

These landscape lights can be used to show off garden fountains, pools, and underwater art.


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