Top 5 Winter Plants To Add To Your Landscape

December 9th, 2018  |  Published in Landscape Construction & Installation

During winters, the weather in Texas is really unpredictable. With shorter days, some years pass with a mild winter, where some years there are temperatures that dip below freezing. Although the Texas growing season lasts for about 300 days, with such unique weather conditions, it becomes quite challenging for gardening enthusiasts in Texas to protect their plants against all types of winter damage. In this scenario, it becomes quite important for you to pick winter plants that are suitable to grow in the unpredictable Texas climate. Here top 5 winter plants that you can consider adding to your landscape during winters in Texas –

#1.Winter Jasmine –

The first one in the top 5 winter plants list is Winter Jasmine. When we talk about winter landscaping trends in Texas, you can hardly miss out on the beautiful winter jasmine. Winter jasmines are more likely to bloom during the month of January, and fill your yard with the gorgeous fragrance of its delicate yellow flowers. These flowering vines add the perfect pop of color to your winter landscape by adorning your fences or walls.

#2.Pansies –

Pansies are another one of the most preferred choices of winter plants for Texas. These pretty pansies give you diverse options in terms of color choice, so that you get to pick your favorite or favorites and team them together to add the dramatic color composition to your garden. But, once you have added these low-growing annuals to your garden, make sure that they get enough of the winter sun that is required for them to grow.

#3.Snapdragon –

Snapdragon makes for the perfect winter plant in Texas, as it stops blooming once there is too much heat. Like pansies, snapdragons too offer you with a wide range of colors to choose from and add a unique color splash to your garden bed during the winter season in Texas. What makes Snapdragons so attractive is the fact that they not only add liveliness to your winter landscape with their color varieties, but also give height to your garden with their 12-36” long stalks. With their need for full sun, snapdragons too need partial shade to bloom during the Texas winter.

#4.Petunias –

Add a quirky touch to your winter landscaping ideas by planting the perky petunias in your Texas garden. You can find Petunias in colors ranging from white, yellow, pink, and violet. Apart from these individual hues, you can also find petunias in multi-colored varieties that make them all the more attractive. Or if in case you are willing to add a unique structure to your fence and garden area, you could as well as opt for the exclusive trailing variety of the petunia flower. In order to bloom nicely, petunias need full sun to partial shade in the winter season. But once the summer heat begins to show up, this winter plant variety won’t last long.

#5.English Marigolds –

The last one in our top 5 winter plants list is Marigold. The bright yellow and orange hued English Marigolds make for the perfect winter plant in Texas, for more than one reason. Firstly, the sprightly yellow and orange color of these flowers add a certain vibrancy to your garden that provides you with the much needed sunshine spark that you need during the winter months. And secondly, marigolds can easily survive cold winter nights in Texas even when temperatures begin to drop below freezing.

Hope our top 5 winter plants list will be helpful for you to choose the landscape flowers for your lawn.

What bulbs to plant this winter?

Some bulbs need a period of cold weather (around Mid-November & December) to set off the bloom cycle, and last longer with abundant blooms. So, if you are considering to plant bulbs this winter season in Texas, you might as well choose from the varieties stated below:

  • Daffodils Dutch Master
  • Narcissus Ziva
  • Snowbells
  • Tulips
  • Ipheon
  • Grape Hyacinth
  • Dutch iris

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