Holiday Help: Winter Landscape Maintenance Tips

December 9th, 2018  |  Published in Uncategorized

Dallas dwellers have a long love-hate relationship with winter. On one side you have gorgeous winter decorations, as well as temperatures that won’t turn your freshly showered hair into icicles. However, when freezing temperatures do start to kick in around late November, the Texas weather has a way of keeping inhabitants on their toes. Some tips on how to conquer these winter foes, and make your house ready for guests to arrive over in winter:

  1. Rake those leaves: Prepping your lawns for the challenges of winter requires a clean slate. Before making any major moves for bolstering your lawn, make sure that it’s free from any fall debris. You can also hire the tree trimming experts at North Texas Trees Dallas to do the needful. Tree removal services in Dallas can help you removing any unwanted tree.
  2. Aerate and fertilize: To ensure that your lawn can absorb the nutrients, aeration is absolutely vital. Pairing fertilization with aeration will put your lawn on the fast track for long term perfection.
  3. Look at your sprinklers: If you have an underground sprinkler system, check to ensure it’s been drained properly before the first deep freeze. Water that’s left in the underground line can expand when it freezes causing the pipes to burst. For such situations, you can contact sprinkler repair service in Dallas.
  4. Landscape lighting repair: If your landscape outdoor lighting is not working, the most likely cause is a bad connection which occurs mostly in winter. The Keane team can help take care of your lighting needs.
  5. Power washing: Power washing is done to remove any deep seated dirt and grime. Call Keane Landscaping for power washing services in Dallas which can help you in power washing of your landscape.
  6. Custom masonry: Incorporating pillars, fireplaces or seat walls to any landscape makes the ordinary extraordinary. It enhances the beauty of your landscape. For the purpose of custom masonry, you can contact the landscape construction services of Keane Landscaping in Dallas for custom stonework in Dallas to make your landscape an attractive area.
  7. Prune shrubs and  hedges: Make a cut at a slight angle about a quarter inch from the branch. It is a tricky task, so to get it right, you need a professional to do this. You can contact any professional from the lawn maintenance services of Keane Landscaping, Dallas, TX.
  8. Clean roofs and gutters: Clean the gutters and roofs to ensure that water flows freely. Accumulated leaves can absorb moisture and condense underneath the shingles. Clear out the gutter downspouts with the help of a garden hose. Hire a professional for your gutter cleanouts.
  9. Limb removal before winter storms hit- When a storm hits, safety is always the first priority. Stay clear of broken tree limbs that are loose or are partially attached to your trees. Remove those broken limbs with the help of Tree removal services in Dallas at North Texas Trees.
  10. Planting winter rye to keep grass green all year: Winter rye grasses are commonly Incorporated in yards of Dallas for their quick growing ability as a cool season turf. However, when spring returns, and the temperature rise, winter ryes in Dallas will go dormant and allow your original grasses to flourish once more.
  11. Winter plants- Plants seem to die in winter. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll keep your garden empty. You can plant bulbs of flowers like calendula which flourish in the spring season. You can also plant winter primrose, winter Jasmine and viola for your garden adding a pinch of color to it.

Your landscape has persevered many winters before and it will continue to do so for many winters to come. So enjoy your fall and winter. Follow this checklist of landscape maintenance if you’re unsure of which steps to take.


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