Effective Ways To Utilize Outdoor Living Spaces During The Fall

October 7th, 2018  |  Published in Landscape Design

With summer coming to an end, mother nature welcomes the fall with dried and crunchy leaves covering your outdoor spaces. Doesn’t raking leaves sound like the epitome of fun? If the answer is an emphatic “NO!”, Then early fall is a perfect time for giving Keane Landscaping a call for maintaining your outdoor spaces. By completing maintenance before the winter such as seeding winter rye, swapping out seasonal flowers, and tree trimming, you’ll be able to enter spring ready to entertain your guests. It is essential to continue to care for your property during the fall, but there are a few seasonal tips to add a spark to your outdoor living space to make the complete use of your outdoors.


Incorporating Water Features in Outdoor Space

Incorporating Water Features in Outdoor Space

Adding a waterscape to your garden area is a unique element to glorify the features of your garden. Considering there is nothing more soothing than the sound of flowing water, adding waterfalls, streams, ponds, and fountains will create a beautiful accent to your existing foliage. These water features can be tailored according to your own need and design taste, fitting into your outdoor space and co-existing naturally with the plants and flowers in your garden.


Conversation Areas with Comfortable and Stylish Seating for All

Conversation Areas with Comfortable and Stylish Seating for All

When choosing the outdoor seating space, the first rule is to invest in high-quality furniture where family and friends will want to gather and stay. Selecting quality pieces, made out of top performing materials is essential for creating an outdoor space that will be comfortable, beautiful and functional.


CREATIVE USE OF FIRE PITS, FIREPLACES, OR CHIMINEASCreative Use of Fire Pits, Fireplaces, or Chimineas

Adding a fresh twist to your fire pit area can transform your outdoor space into a stunning, modern deck for entertaining your guests. To stand out from the common elements used in the backyards, adding custom benches are an innovative way to seat guests comfortably and also to double up on storage if you wish to incorporate a way to stow away cushions or throw pillows while not in use to protect them from weathering. Position these benches around a modern fire pit to build a gathering space that’s perfect for parties or family gatherings.


Add a Kitchen to Your Outdoor Space

Add a Kitchen to Your Outdoor Space

Incorporating an outdoor kitchen island, which offers more cooking surfaces than your standard grill is a great way to utilize your outdoor space and efficiently do your kitchen work. Include a refrigerator, outdoor kitchen storage, and any necessary accessories to cut down on your inside trips also provides an opportunity to accommodate guests best and includes the cook that everyone can kiss later for making such an incredible spread. Add a covered dining area with comfortable furniture to create an ideal spot for the barbecue.


Create a Focal PointCreate a Focal Point

Focal points are important because they add interest while bringing all the elements in the space together. Focal points can be a dining table, a fire pit, a small coffee table, stepping stones, a sculpture or a fountain, or even the central gathering space under a custom arbor, pergola, or covered patio space. By defining a focal point at the start, you can add the remaining elements around it to create a custom & cohesive space.

Apart from the mentioned points above, your guests might have an affinity for sports too. So, adding a Television in your outdoor space is a great option to share the joy of watching a game of football especially during football season! You can even take it to the next level and have a custom court designed and constructed for whatever your interests are such as tennis, volleyball, a putting green, basketball court, playground, etc. Once you’ve given the team at Keane Landscaping a call to service your outdoor space, the possibilities are endless! Adding a few of these elements to your outdoor living areas will help your home reach its potential, so get ready to call your guests and chill with them in the comforts of your dream outdoor living space.


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