Popular Landscape Design Dallas Styles

October 24th, 2016  |  Published in Landscape Design

Landscaping isn’t about just throwing out some seeds, installing plants and hoping it all comes together. A beautiful landscape is carefully thought out and designed with attention to the details in order to showcase a property’s unique character and charm.

Keane Landscaping’s award-winning landscape design Dallas team works closely with you, the property owner, to develop a Master Plan to enhance your natural environment with original and creative Dallas landscape designs, giving you the ideal landscape and outdoor living strategy.

We start by mapping out each element of your existing and proposed landscape and outdoor living space, allowing you to visualize the end product. We then choose a palette of plants, trees and accessories to enhance your property. Part of the process is selecting a landscape design style to give you just the look you’ve envisioned.

Popular Dallas Landscape Design Styles

Similar to interior design or architecture, the varying landscape design styles tell a story about each individual property. What story will you tell? It’s also important to choose a style that works well with the existing landscape features and climate. Here are some popular landscape design styles from which you can choose to model your own landscape. Or, work with our landscape design Dallas team to incorporate elements from different styles to create a look unique to your property. 

English garden style — This landscape design is a shift away from formal, symmetrical gardens to a more natural, irregular style. The English garden style incorporates various shrubs and perennials in a design that compliments the architectural style of your home and embraces the value of the natural world. It also often includes other decorative elements such as bridges, benches, English pots, cobblestone, a birdbath and/or arbor. 

Oriental/Japanese landscape — If it’s Zen you’re going for, the Oriental landscape design style is a good place to start. This style utilizes water, rocks and evergreens to create a space for peaceful contemplation. Elements of this design mimic or symbolize natural elements, so you won’t find geometric shapes and artificial stone in a Japanese landscape design.

Woodland landscape — A more natural take on landscape design, the woodland landscape style is less manicured and focuses on the natural way grasses and plants grow in a wooded area. This style is ideal for the property owner looking for a low-maintenance, yet beautiful landscape design.

Modern landscape — With its roots in the 1950s and 1960s, this landscape design style is all about bold geometry and linear designs. Think sleek and sophisticated with a focus on controlled hardscapes and structures. Plants are generally green and selected for shape and texture.

Traditional landscape — Originally all about appearance and displaying wealth, today’s traditional landscapes often include areas for growing edible plants and vegetables and outdoor living elements such as a fireplace or built-in barbecue or outdoor kitchen. Traditional landscape designs commonly use materials such as brick, stone pavers and wood with the goal of creating a well-defined outdoor space.

These common landscape design styles only brush the surface of the options available. If you’re ready for a landscape makeover, give Keane Landscaping a call to speak with a member of our experienced landscape design Dallas team.


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