4 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Landscape Service

October 24th, 2016  |  Published in Landscape Design

Landscaping is often an afterthought for many building owners, but making an investment in commercial landscape service can pay off. If you are a business owner or commercial property owner, here are four reasons you should consider an investment in commercial landscaping.

Set your building or business apart from the competition. It’s not always easy to find a competitive edge against other businesses or buildings similar in size and scope to your own. A commercial landscape service can create a carefully designed landscape plan to give your property an attractive, sophisticated look that sets your building apart from others.

Be a better community member. Landscape design improves the overall look and environment of the community, and that’s something worthy of the investment. Create an outdoor space where your customers — both current and potential — can sit and enjoy. When you keep your property well manicured and looking above average, it increases interest in your company and sends the message that you care about the upkeep and appearance of the area.

Attract a pipeline of tenants. This is especially important for commercial property owners and managers. It’s all about the curb appeal. Potential tenants and buyers are more attracted to properties that look fresh and current. What does overgrown, dead, or non-existent landscaping say about the inside of a building? If the outside is unkempt, potential tenants will be likely to assume the same is true of the inside.

Increase property value. Whether you’re looking to sell or hoping to increase lease rates, updating and maintaining beautiful commercial landscaping will help you get the price you want out of your property. Adding value will also lead to higher occupancy rates.

Where should I start?

If you’re convinced it’s time for a landscaping overhaul on your property, where do you begin? Here are some suggestions for freshening up your landscaping from Keane’s commercial landscaping service.

Think texture and layers — Get away from the stale, solid green landscaping look. Our commercial landscaping team will design and create modern plant beds that feature a variety of colors, textures and layers.

Choose native plants — Native plants and grasses and meadow plantings are growing in popularity. These plants are not only more sustainable; they also bring a live, dynamic look to the property.

Create a focal point feature — A fountain, patio, seating area, planters or green wall are just a few ideas you can choose from to create a statement in the front of your property.

Make a pedestrian-friendly property — Do your visitors enjoy their time spent on your property? Beautiful walkways throughout your property can improve the overall experience for both visitors and tenants. If your building is in use after dark, install aesthetic but functional landscape lighting and keep pathways clear of debris and obstacles to ensure your property is always safe for visitors.

Are you ready to make a statement with your commercial property? Contact Keane Landscaping today to learn about our commercial landscape service.


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