Keane Landscaping: The Company for Pool Repair Dallas Recommends

September 2nd, 2016  |  Published in Property Restoration

Keeping your home and property looking its best is essential to maintain the value of your property. Keane Landscaping is Dallas’ leading source for property restoration services, including power washing and pool repair.

Our experienced team of trained professionals only uses the highest quality products and modern, professional equipment, ensuring homeowners receive the most efficient and longest-lasting cleaning and restoration results.


Are you the proud owner of a swimming pool? Keeping the water looking crystal clear can be a big task for anyone. Protecting the beauty and structure of a residential swimming pool requires the right skill and products to ensure the job is done right the first time. One of these products is DECK-O-SEAL, a polysulfide-based joint sealant used to as a caulking used to seal joints that are subject to movement.

DECK-O-SEAL is one of the many top-notch products Keane uses for the best restoration and pool repair Dallas has to offer. DECK-O-SEAL is a two-part liquid compound that provides a permanent, watertight seal while remaining flexible, allowing for inevitable ground movement. For example, this product can be used to fill the gap in the joint between coping stones and the pool deck around the perimeter of a swimming pool. If the joints around your pool join are in poor condition, water can seep behind the pool shell, weakening the concrete joints and resulting in cracks and other structural problems. The weather and moisture-resistant DECK-O-SEAL allows for expansion and contraction during temperature changes to prevent uncontrolled cracking.

Could your swimming pool use some TLC? Contact Keane Landscaping today to learn more about DECK-O-SEAL and our other pool repair Dallas services. Keane pools come with a warranty and expert service and experience so the job is done right the first time. Our Dallas retail outlets in the area are stocked with everything you need for your in-ground or above ground pool.


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